Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prayers needed...

We need lots and lots of prayers this morning for Brandon Riddle.  He is Regina's son (my mom's best friend) who I've grown up with.  He needs a new liver and he needs it now.  He has been on the transplant list for almost a year, which means, when he gets a call from St. Louis he needs to be ready in 20 minutes to get there.  About a month ago we got really good new that there was a liver for him.  They made the trip up there, prepped him for the surgery and then found out it wasn't going to happen.  That was a pretty devastating blow, since their hopes were high and they were sent home to wait longer.  For awhile now, he's been in and out of the hospital for various reasons, when one part of your body is failing, it's makes things difficult for the rest of your organs. 

Last Friday night, he was released from the hospital after being there for about a week and wanted pancakes, so my parents met him, his wife and Regina at IHOP.  They called and asked for Zeda...I was like, "Mom. No.  It's 8:30, she's in bed."  She thought since Brandon wanted her to go, I would say yes. Ha.  The Friday night before they all took her to Cracker Barrel and Zeda LOVED eating with Brandon, Why, you ask...he fed her anything she wanted, that's why.  Thanks Brandon! :)
Saturday morning was my Dad's Racers Reunion.  I saw Brandon bright and early and he looked good.  The picture is from the Reunion with his niece, Raleigh.  Later that day, he went to the hospital again.

I got a call from my mom this morning, Regina called her and said he has gone into renal failure and they are air lifting him to St. Louis.  If he doesn't get a liver soon, he's not going to make it.  There is no sending him home this time.  He just waits in the hospital.  Please pray with me today that a liver is available and that it's a match.  There is a tricky part, this is his second liver transplant.  His first one happened when he was 13 months.  They never expected him to live to be 26 so the doctors are going in a little blind. 
I've grown up with Brandon and his liver issues has always just been normal to me, it's a part of him.  When I was little and Regina was our baby sitter, changing his bandage ever few hours was just a part of our day.
I'm so proud of him and who he has become.  I love you buddy, I'm praying for you hard core.


Emily Hope said...

Oh, how hard.... Praying with you, friend. Keep us posted.

**** said...

Sending many prayers to Brandon and his family.