Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Favorite Gift

Going back to Christmas...Every Christmas there is a gift I'm a little more excited to give then the others. This year, my favorite gift went to my dad. It was a picture of Zeda in front of his old gas pump.

Here's the story: Earlier in the fall, Megan took Zeda's 18 month pictures (actually she was 16 months but whatever) we drug out my dad's old service station pump, decked Z up in a red and white jumper and took some pictures. For dad, I blew up, not my favorite picture but a picture that reminded me of him. She has his oil rag in front of her face, which is funny because dad always chewed on his oil rag.
The picture is special because my dad and grandpa owned and worked the family gas station for many many years. When Jey, my nephew was born, my dad still worked there. My sister has some pretty special pictures of Jey with my dad in uniform at the station. By the time Z came along, my dad had sold the station.
That place was a huge part of my life, I spent many days in the summer "working" there...he paid me $10 a day to answer phones, roll under the cars with him and pump gas. Occasionally, I got to ride the lift (I think back now on how dangerous that lift was, what was he thinking?!?!) I wanted Z to have some kind of connection to the station, so, we recreated the atmosphere in my parents backyard. I think pops really liked it. To see more pictures from the shoot click here.

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**** said...

How sweet. That is one adorable picture!

LindseyBF said...

Oh.em.gee. Those are seriously the most adorable photos I've ever seen! Great shots, great location, great little family!! Give me one of them -- plllleeeasssee!!!