Monday, January 10, 2011

packing it up!

We've been spending most of our days lately, cleaning and packing up our house. Since I am a hoarder, we have soooo much stuff. I've been putting a lot of our things on Craig's list and in the garage sale box but there are something I just can't part with. So, all things that I don't ALWAYS use or that just hold sentimental value is getting boxed up and stored at either of our parent's house. We are really blessed in that we both have parents who so loving let us use their extra space to store our things. I'm trying to make our house look as "clutter free" as possible for our wonderful buyer who comes along...soon I hope!

Zeda girl has been helping me. She thinks an empty boxes is her house and makes a sad face when I tell her it's time to fill her house and move on to the next.

My sad face is starting to appear as's a bit weird packing up your first home. I'm sure the real sadness will come when we have to pack for real.

Until then, my days are spent trying to make our house has pretty as possible, oh, and playing with that cute little munchkin above.
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Emily Hope said...

Aww, I hear ya! All the more emotional to think about moving from a home where you brought home a little one, I'm sure....

Zeda is too cute. And I like your new font. ;)

**** said...

Yea! I had no idea you were moving so soon. Congrats and good luck!