Friday, October 29, 2010

Loft Living

Tonight, I helped Nik and Meg move into their new loft. It's such a cool place, very open, modern and all around fun. I'm super excited to have dinner parties and game nights there, right Meg?
Tonight, made me extra excited to build our house and settle into a new home. Megan's extreme efficient packing guaranteed her a spot in helping me pack up mine. I unloaded her kitchen and it was a breeze because of the way she packed.
I also realized, that we have a lot of "stuff"! Okay, I'll say it, I'm a hoarder...and it's getting a bit ridiculous. I hate wasting things. You can reuse just about anything. For example: Meg was trying to decide what to do with all the empty boxes. She wanted to save them, her mom thought she should toss them. For me, it wouldn't even be a question. You keep the boxes. You can use them for gift wrapping, storage, packing, organizing and much much more. See, I have a problem and I realize it. So, I'm going to spend the next year to year and a half cleaning out my "stuff" and trying to not accumulate more!

I'm sure Megan will post pictures of her new home looking great! So, stay tuned
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Emily Hope said...

As someone who tried to scrounge for boxes at Schnuck's tonight for our packing purposes, it pains me to hear of boxes potentially being thrown away! Haha. :) And, as a fellow "hoarder" of all things deemed re-usable...I feel your pain, friend!

Yay for new homes! So exciting. Congrats, Megan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help, Bec! I have the boxes all broken down and ready to be delivered to your place for your future move :)

No tossing - just reusing!! Haha.