Friday, October 8, 2010

Girls Trip to Nashville

Last weekend was girls trip. We've decided to make it a tradition every year. Each year, another girl plans it. We set a budget, pay throughout the year and when the weekend rolls around, we pack our bags and go along for the ride.
This year was supposed to be Megan's year and we were heading to Destin. However, with the oil spill and Meg's move to Springfield she handed things over to Christy who lives at Fort Campbell in Clarksville. Christy decided girls trip this year was in Nashville! I've never been to Nashville, and I was pleasantly surprised with how awesome it is. I can't wait to take Jarrod!

Here is a rundown of our schedule...
Friday morning after waking up at Christy's in Clarksville, she welcomed us with an amazing breakfast on her back porch (see picture below). Then we headed out to get a tour of the military base, which, by the way, if you've never had the privilege of touring a base, it's really cool. We stopped by a cute winery to taste a few wines, then headed on to the hour drive to Nashville. In Nashville, we did all kinds of fun stuff. We went to the Parthenon and saw men playing soccer in speedos. We walked on the campus of Vanderbilt, ate some lunch then shopped a bit.

We ate a fabulous dinner at the Wine Loft and had a crazy fun night at the Piano Bar. Talent in Nashville is amazing. These guys playing the piano and singing, blew me away. We sat at a table in the front, we were in own little world, singing our hearts out and requesting a billzon songs. It was fun just being with the girls.

Saturday we headed to Franklin and saw the "stars" mansions on the way. Beautiful, beautiful homes! In Franklin, we shopped, had lunch, went to the spa (my 80 min facial was to die for!) and bought food for dinner at Whole Foods for a picnic at a local winery where they had live music.

Sunday we headed home to our "real lives". The first check of reality was when Megan got a speeding ticket leaving Nashville going 70 in a 55. Poor Megan!

I will defiantly look forward to Girl's Trip every year. There is something so refreshing about being with girls who truly care about you and just want to laugh like we're 15 again. Love you girls!

The amazing breakfast that Christy treated us to

The lovely ladies that went!

Our crazy night at the piano bar

The cupcake shop...cupcakes are my most favorite thing to eat

Our Whole Foods picnic

Our final toast to Girls Trip 2010
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