Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Years Resolution

I know it's March and I know what you're thinking, "really? You're going to start your resolutions now?" Oh contraire my friends! I've been doing my list for the past two months, however, my list was forever long and I knew they all wouldn't stick. Therefore, I've used the last two months to help narrow down what's going to stay on the list and what had to be nixed. There is always so much I dream about and so much I want to do and accomplish that sometimes I get overwhelmed and do nothing. I get in auto-pilot mode and just do normal day to day 'stuff'. When I got pregnant I was tired and sick throughout the whole pregnancy. I feel it kinda made me a bit lazy and unproductive. Very different from before. I'm not sure I'm totally back to normal but it's my goal for this year. Be a go getter again!
Here are the things that are STAYING on the list (I've put them in bold).
1. Finances: Save Save Save! Jarrod and I have always been pretty good with our money but there is always room for improvement. We want to save but also want to live simple. Last year I got rid of texting, (which I miss dearly) this year we got rid of satellite and it was invigorating. It was one thing I wasn't sure we were going to be able to do but Feb 10th was our last day of satellite and we haven't missed it for a second. Okay, maybe I miss the DVR that went with the package but I manage without it. We also want to get rid of our trash service. We've been recycling for a couple of years now and we've gotten pretty good at it. Therefore, we don't make a lot of trash. Our trash pick-up is every wednesday and we usually forget to take the bin to the curb. We went 6 weeks once and our trash wasn't even over-flowing. I think we need to stop paying 20 a month and just take the few bags we do have to my parents house (Thanks mom and dad). I know what you're have a baby! That's gross keeping all those diapers! Ha. we use reusables. Look at us being so green. :) Another thing under finances is Mint. is a site that keeps track of all your finances for you. Jarrod found out about it from Time Magazine and I heard about it on the Today show. However, we've been signed up for about a year now and this year I'm making it a goal to really work hard at it. You can break down each of your receipts and keep track of absolutely everything you buy. It also shows you your spending trends, gives you suggestions on where you can save and sends you emails or texts (if you get texts) when you are reaching your budgets in specific categories. I foresee this really helping us.

Okay, moving on, I ran into my friend's mom at Sams a few weeks ago and we talked for awhile. It was such a nice conversation and she said something that stuck with me. She said, "I've always taught Rachel (my friend/her daughter) the more you save the more you can give." Which leads to my next item; buy gifts from charities. This one I'm really excited about. The idea came from a few of my Christmas gifts. For Christmas I received a cookbook from my sister that she purchased from her dietetic students. They were selling them to help out their program. She said, "remember these are recipes from dietetic students" haha. It wouldn't hurt for Jarrod and I to eat better. Anyways-I thought it was so cool that she helped out her students while giving me a great gift. My friend Melissa did the same. She got me TOM'S and I absolutely LOVE them. So far, I bought Megan TOM'S for her birthday in February and Jarrod and I bought each other TOM'S for Valentines day. I'm not only going to use TOM'S this year so if anyone has other ideas send them my way!
2. Make more things on my own...Laundry detergent, (once I use up all my tide detergent I bought with coupons last year) baby food, hair bows, spices and cards. There is something about making your own stuff that is so satisfying. I feel very accomplished and challenged when I make something useful. I get so inspired and motivated from people who make their own stuff on a site called Etsy. So, I'm going to try it out for myself.
3. Garden. We've had a garden for the past two years and it's been Jarrod who has taken care of it. I'll go out there some to pick a few things but Jarrod is the one who plants, waters and maintains it. This year I want to work hard in the garden. Since we'd like to save save save I need to make sure my garden is big and fruitful. This year we are adding herbs to the mix. My other friend Rachel helped me get six starters going...thyme, rosemary, dill, basil, cilantro, and oregano.
4. Figure out my career goals. (I'm not going into details on this one)
5. Read a book. I know what you're thinking...dream big right? Considering I haven't read a book since the Shack over a year ago, I don't see myself reading more than one book this year. I spend wayyyy too much time reading blogs. So at least I'm reading, right? I start my day reading at least 6 blogs and they all lead me to more and more blogs...ugh! I can't get enough.

6. Use up all my gift cards. I LOVE getting gift cards for gifts. I ask for them every holiday and I also get them with my discover cashback bonuses so I have a lot. I have a few dollars here and there on many of them and I just need to use them up, clear out my wallet and make room for more!

7. I know this is on everyones list- eat better and workout more. This wont be hard...I eat whatever I want since I'm still nursing and I never workout. So this one is easy, right?! Ha...well maybe.
Okay, well that wraps up all my goals for 2010. I was going to list the things that were nixed but this blog is long enough. Maybe next year I'll get to them. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Camille said...

I think I need to read this every day! Very encouraging! :) You can do it! THIS IS THE YEAR! :)

BrookeBlog said...

I am so proud of you, Becca. You totally inspire me.