Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

Weekend with the Old Roomies!

This past weekend I got to spend time with my two roommate from college and their families. It was so special because it's the first time we dragged the hubby's along. Those boys are a lot a like and us girls knew they could be friends. :)

We had such a good time together watching the babies play and playing a little Mexican Train ourselves. Bonnie and Lacey are the girls I lived with the longest in College. We all three had babies within three months (crazy i know) and we have promised to see each other often so the babies will be friends ;) See my post from October and Zeda's boyz
Look they already play so well together. However, we'll need to teach Easton it's not ok to look down Zeda's shirt. (see bottom left picture)
We stayed at my parent's Branson house and it was just perfect for us. It has four bedrooms and a wood fireplace. Jarrod and I LOVE it there. It sits back in the woods and has such a nice cabin feel. I knew it would be ideal for our families to meet there and have a nice cheap mini vacation. We ate good food, watched some office, went to the landing and took lots of pictures. Enjoy some below.

I know Matt wants another boy but look how cute
Lace looks with a little girl :)

This is my favorite picture from the weekend.
The Halls are so funny. I just love them!

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