Monday, February 15, 2010

First V-Day

Zeda says "Happy Valentine's Day." She was showered with gifts as always from all of her peeps. In the pictures shown above, my mom got her the heart jammies and Josh and Melissa got her the heart dress she wore to church. She also received other items from multiple grandmas and a very special aunt Sarah. Such a good day.

I want to add what Jey (my nephew) got us... For Zeda- attached to a baby food banana jar was a heart that said, "I am bananas for you baby Zeda." For Jarrod-attached to a can of beer was a heart that said, "you are beer-y special" and for me-attached to three bars of coffee chocolates was a heart that said, "I love you a latte!" Haha-my sister is so creative.

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Emily Hope said...

how cute is that?! i love the shot of her little bottom. :) is she as much of a mover as she looks like she is?! she's going to keep you BUSY! how fun. :)