Monday, August 20, 2012

Bama Vacation

We just got back from a super fun and relaxing vacation to the beach. I had no idea how this week was going to go considering Miss Zeda is a complete guessing game at this stage in life. One day she'll love something and the next day it's the most horrible thing ever. Who knows. And Mr. E is still new and we've haven't travel in a car with him for more than 2 hours. Soooo...there was a lot to be anxious about. On top of the babies we were going with Jarrod's family. My main requirement to Jarrod is that we HAD to drive separate. What if our kids screamed for the whole 12 hours? What if Ezra wanted to stop and nurse every hour? I did NOT want to be worried about his family being frustrated too. However, since we weren't able to use my parents van, my one and only requirement became not feasible and we road with his mom and little brother, Cameron. To my surprise, the kids did amazing and we hardly had to stop at all. They both slept the whole way.  Every time we stopped for coffee or to switch drivers, E would wake up screaming, but as soon as we were back on the road he was fast asleep. Thank the good Lord.

 We stayed in a beautiful condo right on the beach and pretty much just relaxed and hung out the whole time. The weather was beautiful, the water felt amazing and I had a great time lovin' on my babies.

Here is an unedited look through my phone...
From our 12th floor balcony.
Zeda buried herself and us about 5 hundred times

While Ezra slept
We ate some amazing food including pounds and pounds of seafood.
We were greeted by sting right on the beach
Blew bubbles
Swam in the pool
Mimi and Ezra slept while the rest of us played games
followed by more beach time of building sand castles, watching waves and collecting shells
And a whole bunch of cuddle my husband and my babies.
It's time to say goodbye to the beach.
Miss Z was exhausted.

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