Saturday, September 22, 2012

Augusta. Friends. Wine.

Here are our wonderful, crazy friends that we had a blast with a couple weekends ago.  We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast in Augusta Mo.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed walking to the winerys, sitting outside and each other's company.  We'd like to make this an annual weekend, let's hope we can make that happen.
Here is Paul and Stephanie, Paul and Jarrod went to high school together and Paul met Stephanie in college. They live in Kansas City and have a pretty little one year old named Brynlee. 
Here is Scott and Lindsey, Jarrod went to high school with Scott and college with both Scott and Lindsey.  They got married one day in college so they could be stationed in the Peace Corp together.  Lucky for us they did because we went to see them in Africa in 2007.   
After our amazing day in the vineyards we headed to the local brewery to watch the Missouri game.  They didn't win but they played a good game against a ranked Georgia team.
One of my favorite gals!


LindseyBF said...

Ahhhh, this was such a great weekend!!! I can't wait until next year (we're definitely making this an annual tradition!). Thanks so much for getting some awesome photos to document all the fun times, great weather, and beautiful scenery. Love you guys!!

Stephanie W. said...

LOVE these pics! Thank you so much for sharing. Such a wonderful weekend with great friends....