Monday, August 29, 2011

Breakfast Date

My good friend from college, Brooke was in from LA for a couple of baby showers.  She's due at the beginning of November with a little girl.  It was nice seeing her and spending an entire morning talking.  Poor Z was a little bored but kept herself entertained pretty well.  She had lots of energy and feel in love with Brooke right off. She sang us Jesus Loves Me, had a mini puppet show, read books and "went to work".  With all this going on Brooke and I still had some excellent one on one time.  I just love that girl.  Thanks for spending your third anniversary with me. :)
 Look at the cute little belly
We had decaf coffee and coffee cake, recipe found on Sweet Little Details.

  Brooke left about noon so Z and I had left over Japanese food for lunch. 

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