Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Say Goodbye

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our puppy Scoobs (hints the wine post). I'll spare you all the details as to why we had to give him away, but we did. He went to a co-worker of Jarrod's. He's lives in willow springs now on a farm. It's good for Scooby. He'll get to run free, get a ton more attention and live a happy puppy life.

Jarrod and I didn't realize how hard this was going to be. When we met the new owners to pick him up the guy said, "I feel like I'm taking your baby." Haha, Jarrod and I are ridiculous. We LOVE that dog. It's super quiet around her today...I'm filled with lots of regret. :( However, Dean (the new owner) called Jarrod this morning and said things were going really well. I'm happy about that.

Well...My Sco-Bears, Cooby-Wooby, Scober-Dober and all the other hundred ways we say your name...we'll miss you buddy.
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Amanda said...

oh becca! i'm soooo sorry! that is terrible. that would be hard to do. hope you guys are ok. i'm sure he will be loved and spoiled in his new home! :)

BrookeS said...

Oh no, Becca! I am so sad for you :( But I am so glad that he seems to have a happy new home. Leaving dogs is so hard.. I lost it completely when I left Rocky in South Africa. It was awful. Thinking of you.

Bonnie Hall said...

Aw, Bec. Sorry for you guys.