Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Her Uncle Cam

Last Saturday we went to Silver Dollar City with Jarrod's family and then on to the Beatles concert. I was worried about Z sitting through the show but she did great. She was dancing, shacking and singing the whole time. The last song was a little rough. She was tired, it was 2 and 1/2 hours past her bedtime and she only had an hour nap when she is used to 2, 2 hour naps. She was out before we left the parking lot.

Okay, on to my story about Uncle Cameron. Jarrod's little brother is the baby of the family and you can TOTALLY tell that he is the baby (he's 21, almost 22) but we love him dearly. Anyways, he loves his little niece and she loves him. If you ask her where he is, she looks at him with a big cheesy precious. As we were walking through SDC, I kept telling Z that her uncle Cameron was going to ride the rides with her, so of course, he did. :) And it was hilarious! He's not a short man and sitting in these little bugs was not an easy task for him...

But she was SOOOO excited about the ride.

This is him hating me right now.

Look how sweet he is holding her and look at how tight his knees are.

Even the random couple is enjoying the preciousness of it all. Hahaha (I can't stop laughing right now)
Thanks Uncle Cam, you're so cute!
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**** said...

Ha! He looks so uncomfortable - and slightly above the height limit for the wormy ride :)

I heart me some SDC. I keep begging Jordan to take me there when we're in Springfield next month.