Friday, August 6, 2010

One of the BEST decisions we made

Cloth Diapers! Here is Z in a cloth diaper at her 1 week photo shoot.

Before I had Zeda I knew a couple of girl who used cloth diapers and it totally intrigued me. After doing some research, Jarrod and I decided to go for it. We asked for diapers at our showers and was able to get most of our stash...which is amazing! Not only does that save on our initial cost but it totally helps out for future babies. We've used them consistently since she was 2 months old, we travel with them, and do a diaper washing about every 4 days. We have 21 diapers which is plenty for us. I use disposables when someone else is watching her because I feel bad making someone who is not comfortable with them handling it. Otherwise, we wouldn't need disposables at all.

Today, I came across a post on a blog that I read frequently called Young House Love. It's about a couple who blogs for a living about their home improvements adventures. They also blog about being green and their cute new baby girl named Clara. It's definitely worth a read. She wrote a post about her cloth diaper adventure. I wanted to feature it because her enthusiasm about using the diapers is spot on to mine. I LOVE them...she's just a better writer then me and can explain it easier. :) I know they are not for everyone but if anyone is ever interested in learning more about the diapers, I would be more than happy to chat. I really do believe in them for so many different reasons. I have four other friends that use them as well and I know for a fact they also LOVE cloth diapers.

Anyways, you should read the's good. I don't do everything the same as them but that's the beauty of the diapers...there is more than 1 great way to take care of them.
Happy Reading!
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Emily Hope said...

I read that YHL post yesterday, and was reminded of your using them, too. I'm TOTALLY sold. :) So, one of these days when the time comes to talk about all things "baby" with you, your diapering method will certainly be on the list. :)

You said "future babies"...!!! ;) SO looking forward to that!

**** said...

Yea for spreading the CD love! Now that Ollie's in them, we have a stash of 34, and I'm washing them all.the.time. I can't wait for Ella to get potty-trained, so I'm back down to one in cloth. Plus, there is nothing cuter than a naked baby in a cloth diaper!