Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dinner party for 4...no wait, 6

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. Nik and Megan were supposed to come but Megan has a nasty cold or something along those lines and needed to rest. Todd and Kendall came with their adorable little girl, Presley Ann. Zeda and Presley had fun playing together...or maybe just Zeda had fun playing and giving Presley "soft touches" It's pretty cute. I'll post some pictures of their interactions. Below is what I made...
1) Mint Tea from our Garden. You can see the bottom of the jar still had a mint leaf...good stuff.
2) Old Fashion Blueberry cake from 101cookbooks. It's great. Not very sweet at all. I made my own whip cream, which added the perfect amount of sweetness. The cake called for molasses but I didn't have any so I used honey...I think next time I will try it with molasses.
3) Summer Succotash from Smitten Kitchen. This was really good and really easy to make. You should try it.
4) Bruschetta (not pictured) from Jarrod's noggin. It's amazing. He has made it now a couple of times and I LOVE it. I'll get a picture next time, because there will be a next time. :)

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