Friday, January 23, 2009

You Scared the Crap Out of Me!

Lately Becca has developed a less than endearing new habit. While we're laying in bed, trying to go to sleep, she will wait until the precise moment where I'm transitioning from being awake to being asleep. At that point I still respond to cues from the world around me but I'm completely disoriented from drifting into the quiet of peaceful sleep. It's at this point that an interesting topic has popped into Becca's head and she decides to start up a conversation. Amongst complete silence she lets out what seems to be a booming, random interjection like "Jarrod...", "You know what...", or "I was thinking..." I am abruptly pulled back from my descent into dreaming and brought back to reality with a shortness of breath from the fear of having no idea what just happened. Generally, after catching my breath, the first words out of my mouth are, "You scared the crap out of me!" which results in a small giggle from the other side of the bed. To be fair I don't honestly think she is startling me on purpose, and while Becca has the uncanny ability to sleep in almost any situation (in a car, in a plane, on the ground, etc.) when we're in our bed I usually fall asleep much faster than she does leaving her to sit in silence with just her thoughts.

A couple of nights ago, we went through the routine again. I was just entering my comatose state when a startled "Jarrod" was uttered. Jerked from my sleep I responded with a half-hearted "What?" to which she informed me that she had just felt the baby kick. For a few weeks now Becca has been concerned about the fact that she hadn't felt the baby yet. During the ultrasound we had seen our little girl flailing about, but Becca still hadn't felt anything. So now that she had finally gotten the confirmation that we both were waiting for it was a pretty exciting moment. A few little thumps, a pause, and then a few more thumps were all she felt but I was more than happy to be awaken for those thumps. Hopefully in the future I'll be a little more patient when Becca decides to start a midnight conversation. And hopefully soon I'll be able to feel some thumps too.

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