Friday, January 16, 2009

It's a Girl!

Monday we were scheduled for the appointment that we've anxiously been waiting for since we first found out we're pregnant: the ultrasound. As most of you probably know, from the moment you start telling people you're having a baby the first question everyone asks is whether it's a girl or boy. Up until the first ultrasound there's no definitive way to know, even though wives’ tales abound, so you're left with referring to your child as "it" and making completely uneducated guesses based on feelings, genetic trends, and completely off the wall theories. Needless to say, finding out what it is has been at the forefront of our minds for some time now.

At our last appointment the receptionist told us that the ultrasound office was in the process of moving and would be in the same location as our doctor by the time we showed up. Very convenient, until we show up on Monday and realize that it hasn't moved yet. So we proceed to navigate the maze of a campus that St. John's has become until we finally reach the correct entrance of the correct wing of the correct building. Along with us were both my mom and Becca's ready and willing to head off on the shopping spree to end all at the moment the gender was revealed. I'm actually very glad they were both there because their excitement made the moment that much better. We only had to wait a moment before we were ushered back to the ultrasound room where the ultrasound tech quite sternly instructed the moms to the other side of the room to watch on another TV.

The whole things started very quickly and before I knew it I was staring at an active image of our baby. We could quickly make out the head, abdomen, and tucked in legs. The ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted to know the sex of the baby and after we told her yes there was a quick flip of images across the screen and she announced we were having a girl. While I didn't see what it was the clued her off on what the baby was, my mom (the mother of three boys) quickly leapt from her seat and gave me a big hug. We all know she would have been happy with a boy, but she's wanted a girl to spoil for a long time so the announcement meant a lot to her. Everyone was obviously very excited even though neither Becca nor I really saw any proof to back up the tech's claim. Becca asked if she was sure that it was a girl to which she received a disinterested yes. That was enough proof for me (I figure she'd done this a few times) and Becca's mom later explained what the lady had been looking for and showed us on the pictures our proof.

The ultrasound tech continued looking around at different parts of the baby taking pictures and measurements of various body parts. Throughout the session we found out a few more important things. The baby is not cooperative; she flung her arms around and moved throughout the exam making taking pictures very difficult for the tech. She also has her legs crossed, which may not sound significant, but apparently that's how Becca was the entire time her mom was pregnant and she still stands with her legs crossed to this day. So basically what we found out is that we're probably going to have a little Becca running around in the near future. I'm think I'm okay with that.


Megan said...

haha. i love that your baby is "not cooperative." that's becca all right. :)
soooo excited!
can't wait to see you guys next weekend!

Josh Martin said...

Congrats! I'm glad we had a little girl... love those hugs and kisses! In our first ultrasound picture Peyton was holding on to her feet right in front of her face.