Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Real Story

In reaction to Jarrod previous entry I must defend myself. It is not fair that he becomes comatose the second he hits the pillow. Who doesn’t spend the first few moments of bedtime to pray, reflect on your day and make a list for tomorrow? Come on everyone does that right? I do every night which usually reminds me of something I had forgotten to tell him. I don’t want to forget by the morning and plus I’m usually still asleep when he leaves for work so I must tell him when the story enters my thoughts. That is why I calmly and quietly say, “hey babe."

Now let me inform you on Jarrod’s “less than endearing new habit.” At our last doctors appointment the doctor warned us about me lying on my back. He said at this point I should not be flat on my back for anything including sleeping, exercising, ect. It will keep my blood from flowing to the baby and will result with the both of us feeling yucky. Since Jarrod is overly cautious, if for a second I’m on my back he freaks out. I’m completely a side sleeper, I’ve always been. However, since this little girl has changed so much about me including my taste buds why not my sleeping habits as well. I want to sleep on my back so bad, and usually at some point in the night I end up that way. BUT not for long…I wake up at least twice a night with Jarrod rubbing my belly to see if I’m on my back or not. He then wakes me up by poking me and saying, “Becca, Becca rollover” which I respond with a frustrated sigh. One night I swear he woke me up 10 times and half of those I wasn’t even on my back. As annoying as it is to not get a full night of sleep, I wouldn't have it any other way. I’m so thankful that I have a husband that cares about the health of me and his new little girl.

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