Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Special Delivery

My sweet friend, Bonnie sent our family a little package of love in the mail.  There was something for all of us, even the little Mister in my belly.  Thanks, Bonnie, we absolutely love our gifts and the Halls.
Zeda finally has a black baby.  I haven't blogged about this yet but long story short, Z thinks I have a black baby in my belly.  She is excited to have one of her own.
 Jarrod and his honey...anyone who knows my husband, knows his obsession with local honey and owning bees one day
 She could not control the excitement. (sorry for the nakedness, she was in the middle of changing her clothes.)
 After I put a shirt on her she wanted to rock and sing to her new baby.


nick said...

I think Zeda may be dissapointed later :)

Bonnie Hall said...

Ha! She is going to be a good big sister. Love the pictures. :)