Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our poor house

Jarrod said to me last night, "Why do we do this to ourselves?" I really have no idea. Life just keeps happening and we just keep rolling with it I guess. We took the house off the market for a break. I was tired of consistently cleaning and I wanted to let Z play with more then just a few of her toys. Plus, there were a few fix ups we wanted to do before we put the house back on the market. I didn't think they would be such huge projects...I was wrong. On top of planning my birthday/gender reveal party we've been working on our house. We've painted the office for Z's new room, we've painted all the trim white (still not done) and new carpet. Sound easy? Since it was going to save us about $200 to rip the carpet and staples up ourselves, we took on the task. I really needed to put my feet up last night from the long and eventful day I had on Tuesday, however, that didn't happen. As soon as I got home from work I got busy moving EVERYTHING out of our room, Zeda's room and the closets. Thanks to Shaun (Jarrod's brother) we were able to get all the big furniture out. Once Jarrod ripped up the carpet, I pulled the staples and vacuumed. Here are pictures of our mess. They are straight from the camera, I don't have time to run them through lightroom.
Since the house was a mess and none of the beds were set up we slept at my parents house last night.  I thought we'd have time to slowly put everything back together but no.  Someone called and asked if the house was still for sell.  Really?  Of course we're not going to say no.  Looks like everything has to be put back in place and looking spotless by Saturday.  Anyone want to help?  Then I'm going to use my massage I got from my friends for my birthday, my back is killing me.  

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Emily Hope said...

Oh my goodness! I am so behind on blog reading, I JUST saw this. I totally would've tried to help! :( Hope life is getting a littttllle bit back to normal for you by now...?