Monday, October 31, 2011


It had been awhile since I actually cooked a dinner.  Sure, we'll throw a sandwich or salad together for meals but an actual dinner had been weeks.  Since, it had been weeks, I had many veggies that we about to go bad so what do I do when that's about to happen?  I make veggie soup of course!  Every time it's different.  A complete hodgepodge of items but my family loves it none the less.  Bonus: We had Panera bread bowls form my sister to complete the meal.

This soup consists of yellow squash, broccoli, red and yellow onions, garlic, quinoa, kidney beans, chicken broth, kale, swiss card, carrots, celery, and fresh basil. 
While my soup was cooking I made a grocery store run.  I went to Aldi's and Walmart to price match a few things.  Aldi's was having a great sale on their fruit so we added a fresh fruit bowl to dinner.  Can you see the excitement on Z's face when she noticed the avocado?  Yes, that girl loves them...good thing they were on sale at Aldi's for .59 cents.
Grape fruit (my favorite) - Murffins 2.50 a bag
Red Grapes - Aldi's .79 lb.
Pineapples - Aldi's .99 each (This is a great buy, however the ones at Aldi's were tiny so we price matched them at Walmart since they were twice the size along with looking and smelling a lot fresher.)

I was able to price match more but this is all we used for dinner that night.

Happy eating!

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