Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas is coming

Jarrod and I have decide to give Zeda a "big girl" room for Christmas.  We're putting the new baby in her current room and making the office Zeda's room  Since it has to be done, we're making it her Christmas present.  Jarrod has it in his head he wants to make her a new bed, so the other night he was looking online for ideas.  Zeda crawled on his lap and as soon as she saw the images of the different beds she was all over it.  "Oh I reawy reawy like that one daddy."  "That one be my favorite daddy."  She kept picking the beds that had ladders. "I want my wadder bed right now daddy."  We laughed and told her she had to wait until Christmas and then Santa will bring it.  "He bring me wadder bed and candy?"  Sure, Zeda, Santa will also bring you candy.  The next morning she woke up and called for me like she does every more but told me to hurry (she wont get out of bed until I come in).  I opened the door, she jumped out of bed, and ran into the living room, the office, then in our bedroom.  I said, "Zeda what are you looking for?"  She said, "Where's my wadder bed, Santa did not bring it to me!" Haha, I tried not to laugh too hard because this girl was dead serious.  I tried to explain that Christmas is 2 months away and that she would have to wait, however, she is 2 so 20 minutes later she asked me again when Santa is coming.  It might be a long two months in the Murdaugh house because she has NOT STOPPED talking about her wadder bed.
We'll keep you posted on her room updates and her wadder bed that Jarrod is making. 

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Rachel said...

Aww! I LOVE two-year-old comments like that. I can't wait to see pictures of her and her wadder bed when Christmas finally arrives!