Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zeda Update:

(Valentine's day 2011)

So it's been awhile since I've undated you on our little Zeda girl.  This blog started so we can keep track of our journey as parents but it has progressed into a blog about our everyday life which includes more then just Zeda.
Zeda Update:
This little girl is constantly amazing us.  I can't believe the things she does and learns on a daily basis.
Here is a small list of what Z is doing right now...
1.  She sits in the floor and "reads" her books for at least 30 minutes a day.
2.  She says anything and everything that you say.  Some of my favorites are tow (cow) tiss (kiss) Noose (Moose, the dog) and baby doll.
3.  She has a norther accent when she says certain word and it is hilarious!  Next time you see her ask her to say, chair or share.
4.  She is SUPER independent and wants to do everything herself.  It's gets frustrating for me when I'm in a hurry because she yells, NO! Zeza!  Meaning, she wants to put on her diaper, her pants, her shoes, pour her milk, brush her name it, Zeza wants to do it.
5.  Lately, at night after she pick who she wants to put her to bed (yes she is the queen of the house) we both kiss her multiple times on the cheeks and she says, "share tisses".  It is just so stinkin' cute!
Jarrod and I had a happy home before she came and I couldn't imagine it getting any better.  We laughed a lot at each other and at the dogs.  However, we laugh double now that this girl is around.  She is so fun and brings so much joy to our world.  Most of the time we laugh at that crazy you see that mop?  I have no idea how to control it. Oh, and her Chandler Bing smile. :)

Our next adventure is potty training.  People keep telling me she is ready.  I've been putting it off, it's a huge commitment but I guess I have to do it sometime.  She's been asking to go to the potty since she was 14 months so we've been entertaining her with that for awhile.  Now, it's time to actually put panties on her.  We did for the first time in the evening last night and when she peed down her leg she freaked out about it.  This is going to be fun! Here we go...


Camille said...

All I can say is GOOD LUCK! What works for one kid, doesn't work for another one. Aubrey picked it up fairly quick, it was the 'poopy' part that took the longest....ugh. Many a poopy panty got tossed in the trash! And still does from time to time.

Carrie said...

Aww! Olivia has a mop too! I think it comes with the age. And she, too, also wants to use the potty! Good luck! I'm nervous to start this adventure! Let us know how it goes! Zeda is so stinkin beautiful!