Friday, March 12, 2010

This is how I found her...

Last night when Jarrod and I were playing with Zeda she was pulling up to the standing position and we were applauding her for doing a good thing. She ate up all the praise and apparently thought she'd get more this morning. I heard her waking up on the monitor so I did what I do every morning...let the dogs out, feed them and turn on the computer. When I went back to my room to look at her on the monitor I saw her pulling up on the bed and almost STANDING! What? So I rushed into her room and this is what I found. Luckily my camera was in there from the night before so I was able to capture this oh so cute but very scary moment. Looks like we will have to lower the bed again. Can we just freeze in time for a little bit...this growing up thing is getting tooooo sad.
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