Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scared Sick and Excited!

Wow! I'm having a baby-can you believe that. I always knew I would have kids but it's so surreal since the time is here!!

Scared: Anyone having a baby has to be scared, scared of the unknown, scared to screw up as a parent, scared to eat the wrong thing and change the baby's life forever. Scared to over do myself during this time, scared to be stressed-come on, what's there not to be scared of when you are carrying another human being in your body.

Sick: boy am I sick. It's funny all the things I love to eat…I'm not lovin' right now. My repulsions: grilled or baked chicken, wheat and pumpkin. I love pumpkin! Love pumpkin…and it's Thanksgiving :( I really love a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbuck but the thought of getting one makes me want to throw-up. Blah! My favorite puking story to this day is my smoothie story so here it goes…

I wasn't feeling so hot one night (surprise, surprise) and I wanted something cold on my throat because of the soreness that vomit leaves I needed something soothing. So I made myself a strawberry smoothie…ummmm. All I put in it was frozen strawberries, a few frozen pineapples and a splash of OJ to make it liquidy. I sat on the couch, watching Grays and drank my smoothie. Not five minutes later my head was over the bowl and my amazing smoothie was in the water. The crazy thing was…IT WAS STILL COLD. I've never had cold throw-up before! Oh to the joys of the first trimester!

Excited: I can't wait till June 11. I know there is so much to do and prepare for, but we will have an addition to the family. The puppies will no longer be the only babies in the house. We will have a real, crying, screaming, cooing child living with us. I can't wait! I think Jarrod is even more excited then I am. You thought he was sweet to me before. You should see him now. There are definitely perks to having Jarrod's baby-he's amazing :)

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