Monday, January 11, 2010

Boo to green beans

So...I finally started her on baby food. I realize most people start earlier than 7 months but I kept putting it off using every excuse I had to not start. Well I found a great deal on baby food at Walgreen's this past week and figured I'd give in. You mothers out there probably were really excited to starts foods...start a new adventure with your baby but I'm not. I am totally going to miss the connivance of feeding her. Now that solids have started feeding time has doubled! Ugh! To make matters worse, she hates it. HATES IT! She clinches her gums together and will not let me put a spoon in her mouth. I started cereal about 3 weeks ago and she hates that as well. Plus, ever since we started cereal she wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to play. Really Zeda?
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BrookeBlog said...

I'm so sorry, girl! (That "girl" refers to each of you individually :)

Camille said...

Oh Zeda! Have you tried a little apple juice to flavor the cereal? Beans...I'm no help with. Aubrey liked fruits first and then I introduced veggies by mixing each bite veggie/fruit. Sounds gross, but she ate it. Then she would eat them separate. Now...she won't eat any veggies except broccoli and sweet potatoes!
Good luck girl! It's a trial and error game! :)