Monday, June 8, 2009

We're At a 5

About half an hour ago we got another checkup from the nurse at Becca's now dilated to a five. For those of you unfamiliar with childbirth (like myself) the end goal is a 10; however, I've been told that the last few centimeters come much faster than the first few so we should be over half way done. The nurse also put an internal contraction monitor in place so that she could keep better track of how things are progressing and manage the pitocin better. Apparently the epidural is working great because isn't feeling a think and is actually taking a nap right now.


julliewh said...

Epidurals are the BOMB!!!!!! Hang in there cousin... it'll all be over soon enough and then THE REAL FUN BEGINS!!!!! :)


Emily Hope said...

for the record, thinking about what you're doing today helped me get through what i considered an intense workout. :) compared to childbirth, i suppose i really have no room to complain. i am so anxious to hear the news!!!!